Sterling Silver

Sell Sterling Silver in Palm Harbor, FL

Do you want to sell sterling silver in Palm Harbor, Florida?  Or the Tampa, FL area?  Quality Coin & Gold buys all sterling silver items including tableware, flatware, candelabra, tea sets and more.  We are are highly rated coin and gold dealer with a retail shop in Palm Harbor, FL.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a silver alloy that is 92.5% silver.  Sterling silver has intrinsic value because of the high silver content and high silver value.  European pieces my be sterling, or a different content of silver.  For example, silver purity in Europe may be 80%, 85%, 90%, or even 95% pure.

Identifying Sterling Silver

Determining if a piece or tableware set is sterling silver can be intimidating and confusing.  Generally, one of the following hallmarks needs to be present: Sterling, Sterl, 92.5, 925.  European pieces may be hallmarked: 800, 850, 800, 850.  Older pieces may have “stamps” indicating the silver purity.  The best thing to do is bring all the pieces to our shop and we will examine each one and tell you if it is sterling silver.

Sell Sterling Silver Spoon in Palm Harbor, FL

Sterling Silver Spoon Hallmark Example shows 925/1000 and “STERLING”

We buy sterling silver hallmarked spoons - Quality Coin and Gold - Palm Harbor, FL

Sterling Silver spoon hallmark “STERLING” example

Sell 925 Sterling Silver Hallmark in Tampa, FL

925 Sterling Silver Hallmark example – We buy silver in Tampa, FL

925 Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Hallmark, Sell Silver in Tarpon Springs, FL

925 Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Hallmark example

What Is Silver Plate?

Silver plate pieces are made with a  base metal such as copper then plated with a very thin layer of silver.  Therefore, silver plate is typically low value.  Plate will tarnish similar and looks similar to sterling silver.  Some rare patterns (designs) are made in sterling and silver plate.

Not sure if it is Sterling Silver or Silver Plate?  Bring it all in and we will sort it out and test possible pieces.

Sell Gold & Silver to a BBB A+ rated Precious Metals Buyer.

If you want to sell any Sterling Silver, get in touch with us via our online quote form,  call us at 727-264-1310 to schedule a private appointment.

Partial List Of Sterling Silver Pieces We Buy

  • Items Stamped: Sterling, Strl, Sterl, 92.5, 925
  • Items Stamped:800, 850, 900, 950
  • Silverware Sets
  • Tea Sets
  • Platters
  • Silverware and place settings
  • Silver coins
  • Coin silver
  • Coin silver flatware
  • Silver Watches
  • Silver Bowls