Foreign Coins

Sell Foreign Coins & Currency

Do you want to sell foreign coins or currency in Palm Harbor, Florida?  Then call Quality Coin and Gold because we buy and sell world coins, including coin collections, numismatic, rare, gold and silver foreign coins.  We also have a mail in service for our customers that are not local.

Please Note: We are NOT A CURRENCY EXCHANGE.  We do not exchange foreign currency for US currency.

If you want to buy or sell any of the following, get in touch with us via our online quote form or call  us at 727-264-1310.

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Sell Graded World Coins


What Are My Foreign Coins Worth?

The value of your work coins and currency depends on several factors.

  1. The age of the coins
  2. Also, metal value
  3. Then, numismatic value
  4. Finally, exchange value

Consequently, a combination of factors determines the value of world coins.

In conclusion, Quality Coin and Gold is the best coin dealer to sell foreign coins and world currency to.