Pocket Watches

Sell Pocket Watches in Palm Harbor, Florida

Do you want to sell pocket watches in Palm Harbor, Florida?  Quality Coin & Gold is a well-regarded watch buyer specializing in vintage and antique mechanical watches, and we are always buying high-grade vintage and antique watches for our inventory.  We buy all Pocket Watches, working or not.  We purchase pocket watches and wrist watches, and our specialty is American pocket watches. Whether you have a single timepiece or an entire collection to sell, our watch buyers will provide you an honest, up-to-date market evaluation, and we will pay best possible price.  Especially relevant is the high premium we pay for railroad pocket watches, unique or unusual watches, pocket watches with up-down indicators, chronographs, repeaters, “fancy” or railroad dials and any vintage watch in exceptional or “mint” condition.

We purchase many watch brands.  Examples are Howard, Hamilton, Illinois, Ball, Elgin (higher grades), Waltham (higher grades), Omega, South Bend, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Vintage Rolex, IWC, Gruen, and Jaeger-Lecoultre (JLC). Sell antique. railroad, Elgin, Hamilton, Illinois, Waltham, South Bend, Rockford, Seth Thomas, South Bend. Our watch buyer purchases all kinds of watches.  Since we purchase all brands of pocket watches be sure to contact us when selling.

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Antique Pocket Watch

Marine Chronometers

We are always interested in purchasing ship’s chronometers, especially all Hamilton ship’s chronometers (models 21, 22, 36). We will buy marine chronometers in (almost) any condition, whether working or not.  Therefor you should contact us if you have any marine chronometer you would like to sell.

Tools, Parts & Memorabilia

We also buy watchmaker’s estates and tools, whether it be a few items or a complete shop. Additionally, we purchase collections of watch parts, material and non-working vintage watch movements as a source for parts. Before you toss those old watches, please give us a call.  We buy original advertisements, brochures, boxes, tools, or other original American watch company memorabilia. In conclusion, contact us if you have any watch-related items you wish to sell.

If you want to sell a pocket watch or collection, get in touch with us via our online quote form or call us at 727-264-1310 to schedule a private appointment.